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I was perusing Facebook the other day and it seemed like almost everything posted was related to food.

Now, I don’t know if that’s because I’m once again going through one of those “calories-in-must-be-less-than-calories-out” phases so I’m more aware of that kind of post, or if that’s really what was the topic of the day.

The first one I spotted on my wall was the announcement of a winner in the Maki-Madness Sushi Eating Contest. I never knew there was such a thing. I know that country fairs have pie-eating contests and there are hrd-boiled egg eaters competing at others, but sushi? I can’t even imgine…and probably only  in California!

I guess that I somehow must have “liked” a variety of food-related pages and many of those had contests going. One of the most compelling opportunities was the chance to win in the Wienerschnitzel 50th anniversary contest, which boasts $50,000. in give-aways.

This intrigued me.

For my east coast buddies, Wienerschnitzel is a chain of fast-food hot dog places with locations throughout California and the southwest, with a few scattered up in Oregon and Washington. 

I like hot dogs, but tend to buy the 97% fat free variety, which has about 3,000 pounds of salt per frank. What it doesn’t have in fat grams, it makes up for in sodium. Every time I indulge myself in this guilty pleasure, I guarantee a noticeable dip in the water supply for Orange County because I consume gallons for a full 24 hours after I eat them. Adding sauerkraut to them just further adds to my insatiable post-repast thirst.

Apparently, beginning this week, anyone buying a corn dog at Wienerschnitzel will find that the stick will be printed with a prize, ranging from yet another free corn dog to the biggest prize of $10,000. The cash prizes are related to a code stamped on the stick, which requires that you enter online for a chance to win. The slogan the company is using to promote the event is “Eat it, Read it, Win it.”

This started me thinking what else could you do that would cause you to “Eat it, Read it, Win it.”

How about pizza?

Suppose there was the possibility of a prize hidden on the bottom side of the pizza carton? You certainly wouldn’t flip the pizza box over to check it out (although I did that accidentally when I stopped short and the box flew off the seat, doing a triple gainer onto the floor of the car. What a mess that was!) You’d have to eat the whole pizza and then turn the box over. Of course if the pizza sauce made the box soggy, it could blur your chance for a prize. Frankly, since pizza is one of my absolutely favorite things to eat, the prize for me would be being able to eat the whole pizza.

Chinese take out?

I don’t think that would work. First of all, if it’s like the slips of paper you get in fortune cookies, it would be written in both English and Chinese. Now, the way the Chinese have been acting toward us of late, how would I be guaranteed that the prize written in English would be the same as the prize written in Chinese? Suppose the English version read that I won, say, a free eggroll…but maybe if you read Chinese, the prize was actually a week for two in a penthouse suite in Hawaii?

The last thing I considered for the “Eat it, Read it, Win it” concept was Mexican food.

However, I couldn’t think of anything you could eat that would have something in it to read and possibly win. Tacos? no. Fajitas? definitely not…you’d burn your hand on the skillet. Tamales? Well, there is a possibility in that since the prize could be found when you peeled off the corn husk. Of course, if you are like me, when for the very first time I ate a tamale I thought you ate the “wrapper” too…(and couldn’t figure out why anyone would like this dish because it was impossible to chew!) you’d never find the prize.

I suppose you could do this with ice cream on a stick as well…but where’s the challenge in that? I’ve never had a corn dog and truth be told, I don’t think I ever will, $50,000. prize or no.

Any ideas on what would be another dish to eat and win?

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