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This falls into the realm of the incredible. It even rivals something that would happen to me. In fact, when I read this, I was surprised it didn’t happen to me.

A woman in Florida who had just finished snorkeling had a 200 pound Flying Eagle Stingray jump on top of her in the boat. Here’s a picture of it:


Those of you who follow this blog are also probably surprised that it wasn’t me on the boat. Fortunately, the tourist wasn’t injured and I’ll bet she had some great stories to tell about the whole adventure. I’ve been really leary about sting rays ever since the unfortunate incident with Steve Irwin (“The Crocodile Hunter”) who, as you know, was killed by one.  I’ve come across them a few times in the Gulf of Mexico and here, but they always swim one way while I run (because I’m really not a great swimmer) in the opposite direction. This one in the picture actually looks like a raincoat I used to own. I hope it wasn’t made out of stingray; that would be not be PETA-approved for sure. But if it were made of stingray, it would be really waterproof, wouldn’t you think?

This whole concept of something that big  started me hunting around for other ridiculously big things and I found some great pictures.

For example, the blog I wrote titled The Sad Squirrel ? ( Maybe if he had some of these he wouldn’t have ended it all in in my guest room toilet bowl.


Then I started looking into giant food. Besides finding any number of photos of the grocery store named Giant (which is prevalent in the southern regions of the U.S., if I recall) I came across some really great photos.

My first favorite was in tribute to the MOTNSO (“More Often Than Not Significant Other”) who cannot live more than 72 hours without some type of Mexican food. The way I am about Italian food, well, he’s ten times worse about his tacos and tamales. So, I thought I’d see if this would keep him happy for a day or two if I could get one delivered:



When he’s not chowing down on chili and such, he likes a good burger. In ‘n’ Out is a favorite for both of us. However, this one I found would probably be even better than his usual order: “… two hamburgers, well-done, no salt…” from California’s favorite fast food.



In fairness to the MOTNSO, he does eat healthy more often than not. Especially since I’ve jumped on the organic foods and whole grain bandwagon (although at times it is a bumpy ride.) The fast food exception is In ‘n’ Out but their food is all fresh, never frozen, so it’s okay.

I love to make omelets and fritattas. In a movie I saw recently (Morning Glory) Harrison Ford plays a hard-boiled (pardon the play on words here) anchorman who loves to make frittatas…he expounds on the fact that you can throw anything and everything into them and they are impossible to ruin. So, here’s what I’d like to use the next time I’m whipping up some eggs…


I’d hate to run into the chicken that laid that one! It would probably be the size of Home Depot.

Also high on my list of favorite foods is pizza. Whenever I am sent one of those “How well do you know your friend” emails, when it gets to favorite food, without question I answer “Pizza.” Boy, wouldn’t I like to see the look on the face of the Pizza Hut delivery guy if he had to bring this one to my double front door! I’d have to open both of them to get it inside!


I wonder what that thing would weigh? and what would I weigh after I ate it? Definitely wouldn’t order extra cheese on that baby.

Last week I sort of wrote about hot dogs. I didn’t see this particular illustration until after I published the post. Wow! this one would be a real attention-getter!

This gives new meaning to the expression “This guy is a real weiner.” I wonder if his name is “Frank?”

Finally, what would you use to eat any and all of these?

A giant fork, of course!

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