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Over the course of about a week last year, in one of my semi-conscious moments, I subscribed to several of those online “Deal of the Day” websites. Why “several” I don’t know…but now every morning every one of my 12 separate email inboxes is cluttered with savings for multiple things that I don’t want, need or are even sure what they are. One of the reasons I have so many email addresses is just because I am flooded with these and have to spread it around on my computer.

Now I know I could just unsubscribe from these sites, but it’s almost like when you pass an accident on the freeway. You know you shouldn’t look, or even slow down, but you always do.

It’s the same thing with these offers. I simply must go through them to make absolutely sure I am not missing the chance of a lifetime to purchase something I don’t need – or would never consider doing - for 85% off. 

So, on any given day, here are some of the offers I get for services and/or products:

Brazilian Wax -  I didn’t even know what this was until I asked a friend and when she told me all I could do was say “Ewwww!” This is totally, totally different (thank goodness!) from a Brazilian Blow-Out which is a special protein treatment applied to the hair…on your scalp. I get both discount offers on a routine basis.

Seven Cookie Bouquet – I ask, why seven? why not six? or a dozen, or even better yet…a baker’s dozen?

Lipo Laser – Yes, you can actually purchase half price (and sometimes better than half price!) liposuction to get that body back where you want it. I am sometimes tempted by this, especially when in Boot Camp doing crunches. I see this flash before my eyes, shortly before I black out from over-exertion on an out-of-shape body.

In that same category of body beautification and improvement, I receive an over-whelming number of opportunities to save on Unlimited Fitness Classes for a Month, Botox and Teeth Whitening. They aren’t combined offers…each would be a separate sale.

Then there appears to be a propensity for purchases that start with the letter “P”: Precision Pedicure (what is a non-precision pedicure? They “go out of the lines” when painting your toes?) Paint Ball Parties, Pizza & Pasta and Pillows.

Bargain travel is a whole other story. I can always get in on the “Deal of the Day” and swing on down to Cartagena, Colombia (no doubt included is a tour of a drug-making factory), take a discounted sail in the East River (which would be okay if I still lived in the east), spend one night in Montreal (which is a long way to go for just one night, even if it is a great deal!) and my personal favorite: two nights in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now, I’ve driven through the Blue Ridge Mountains and they are quite beautiful. But there’s nothing there but the Blue Ridge Mountains…some bears…and a whole lot of houses with tin roofs and refrigerators on the front porch. I could very well be (with apologies to any of you who may actually have grown up there!) the only person in that area with a full set of teeth not married to my brother. Stereotypes prevail for me in some situations.

In fairness, I have gotten some really fun things through these. I once bought a Duffy boat rental and eight of us had a grand time tooling around Newport Harbor one Sunday, drinking Bloody Mary’s and eating a “small” buffet that rivaled one you’d see on the greatest ocean liners. I also have bought things by accident. But that’s a story for another blog, after I come back from my stay in a cabin in the woods near Mammoth Lake. Yeah, didn’t mean to get that one. Just clicked on the wrong button.

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2 Responses to “Deal of the Day”

  1. Cadrawd says:

    Great blog. Sounds just like me!

  2. Mary says:

    Ahhh, I wonder who those people were on that Duffy boat???Thank goodness they had a DD who at one time actually had a license to sail, I think! Lots of fun…”lets do it again” was that in a movie?? Oh no, that was “sing it again Sam”, good ol “Casa Blanca” never get tired of that movie. How about a movie theater trip or a live play performance trip to a small venue in Hollywood…count me in!

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