The Fattening Fair

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The OC County Fair closed this past Sunday. We don’t have a lot of county fairs in the east, at least not that I can recall. One of my first dates with MOTNSO (“More Often Than Not Significant Other”) was to the LA County Fair three years ago and it was great fun. We just wandered around and checked out all the exhibits, etc.

Well, this year we went to the OC Fair, the theme of which was “Let’s Eat.”

I am very much in favor of anything that encourages me to put food in my face. But when I got there, what was offered was even beyond my expectations and frankly, scared the bejesus out of me. The theme of it should have been “Welcome to a heart attack waiting to happen!”

Almost immediately upon entering I was confronted by a large sign offering deep-fried butter, among other things (see the photo at the top of this post.) This perplexed me, since obviously, butter melts in the heat. I was going to go ask about how that’s done, but the line waiting to have this particular item was too long for me to stand on to just ask a question. However, that was not the case for the Maple Bacon Donut, so I went up to the counter and asked, what in the name of all that is holy, does it taste like? I was told by the rather bored young man that it tastes like pancakes with bacon. That seemed okay, but what I was unprepared for was when he tacked on “We sold over 500 yesterday and it was an off day.” Are you kidding me? The day before was Thursday. I wouldn’t think that would be a high-traffic day; certainly  not to sell 500 of them.

So then it was on to more strolling around. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many food booths in one place, but then again, the theme was “Let’s Eat!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes…or my nose for the variety of smells that permeated the air.  I couldn’t make up some of the concoctions that I saw.

Actually, a couple of days later I read in the local newspaper that visitors to the
Orange County Fair actually took the theme “Let’s Eat!” seriously and downed 10,000 Mexican Funnel Cakes, 3,000 chocolate-covered corn dogs, 125,000 balls of Deep-Fried Kool-Aid, 10,000 slices of deep-fried avocado, 2,000 deep-fried frog’s legs and here was the most astonishing statistic of all? they gobbled down 75,000 colossal turkey legs!

I actually took a Pepcid before writing all that because just the mere spelling out of these items offered for your “dining pleasure” gives me, as we say in Italian, “agida.”

But then, when you think about, over the course of history, County Fairs have been about contests and entertainment and sometimes trying new things. I seem to recall that at this kind of event ice cream was introduced. Where would we be without that?

I can’t say that on my personal bucket list of things I’d like to taste you would find any of the items there, but whatever floats your boat…or if you eat too much of this stuff, sinks it due to overload.

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  1. Kris says:

    The Minnesota State Fair holds the title of “most foods on a stick”! Needless to say, most of them were fried. How about Ruben on a stick, or Walleye on a stick, also there was Sphagetti and meatballs on a stick. Then the more common ones as fried cheese on a stick, fried butter on a stick, fried allegator on a stick, fried ice cream, fried twinkie, fried banana (and assorted fruits) on a stick, fried PB&J on a stick, a fried snicker on a stick. I walked around all day taking pictures of everything on a stick, but the best was a booth selling “Socks on a stick”! Not for eating of course!

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