Vulgaris Dies

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You are probably wondering what this title is all about. It doesn’t mean that someone named “Vulgaris” has been done away with. It’s the Latin translation for “Ordinary days.” I took Latin for four years and it has helped me with not only English, but also Spanish and Italian. I liked Latin. It was one of the things that probably made me a really weird teen-ager.

So why use an ancient language, no longer in use, for a title of a piece I’ve written?

It is Tuesday, the day I always start working on my Friday blog.

You wouldn’t think that it would take me so much time to write what I write, but it does. Some weeks are easier than others in that something really bizarre, or at least interesting has happened to me and it is enough fodder for this blogger.

It’s an off week, filled with…get ready for it…vulgaris dies…“ordinary days.”

I really haven’t had too much of anything worth reporting happen but maybe it’s because I was back east and the last few days have been spent catching up with bills and laundry and emails. I must be on every email list in the universe because I blink and there are at least 50 new ones popping up everywhere. I long for the days when I would be so excited as an AOL newbie to hear “You’ve Got Mail!” when I’d sign on. My heart would actually beat a little faster with the thought that I was going to hear from someone I knew…or get some incredibly unbeatable offer to purchase something I didn’t need.

Now when I sign on Hugh Grant says “You look lovely today!” (to which I always respond “Thank you” because obviously he can’t see that I’m in the same sweat suit I had on yesterday with a different t-shirt) and then he says “You’ve got letters!” (to which I always respond in my best sarcastic tone “Reallllllllly?”)

Hugh and I have had this early morning conversation over my first cup of coffee since I was newly single and I realized that I could have some celebrity speak to me through my computer. Nothing can make your day start off right like having this handsome, sexy man tell me I look great. Even though he’s never actually seen me and probably never will. It beat hearing The Ex saying “Are you really going to wear that?” (he never really said that, but it was the funniest thing I could think of to write at the moment.)

So, my daily routine (and it is very much vulgaris although not at all vulgar.) this week has yielded nothing to ramble on about. I get up in the morning, turn on my computer (it has a little trouble getting going just the way I do), go upstairs to my $30,000. one-cup coffee maker and fill my mug, come downstairs, see what has happened overnight in the world, get dressed and go to some form of exercise most mornings. Not without berating myself for signing up for these torturous hours. Then I come back home and start sorting through emails (again), updating the website with new content and writing…a blog or something else. Cocktail hour comes between 5 and 6 and that’s when I catch up with my Facebook friends and my Scrabble games online. A little TV and off to bed. Maybe some reading if my eyes arent already done in from scanning the computer screen most of the day. That’s it.


So, my “exciting” schedule for the rest of the week includes an added Yoga class on Wednesday (heaven knows I need it; I’m not any more flexible than I was five  months ago when I started) and attempting to find my other People magazine which I appear to have misplaced in one of the piles of catalogues and magazines I think I am going to read.

*Yawn, again.*

I’ve already mailed the Hallowe’en cards to all the grandkids and I’m caught up on birthday cards for awhile. I even called my parents this week so there really is not much left, other than writing, on my to-do list. However, in my gut I have this gnawing feeling that all H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks will break forth next week.

And then I will have a better blog than this week’s.

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