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I’ve written in the past about the Evil Elves who live in my PC. Well, they are up to no good again and I’ve about had it. (see: http://ocactiveseniors.com/2012/02/24/desk-top-elves/)

I’ve been a loyal PC person since I bought my first computer (with a monitor the size of a Smart Car) in the late ’90′s. I would have none of this “Mac” stuff even though I was told by some of the most brilliant computer whizzes of all time that Apple really is a gift from the Divine Providence. I resisted and resisted and resisted.

Then I got tired of lugging my laptop on and off planes. I, of course, had to have one with a huge memory (for all the junk I save on it) and a really big screen (for my aging eyes). It was a great piece of machinery, except that it weighed about 10,000 pounds and left me sore at the end of every airport run. Then I found a rolling “carry-on computer bag”…that worked nicely until they started charging to check luggage and people got into fights about the overhead storage and everything that could possibly be put up there, was. It meant that if I wanted to use my laptop during the long flight I had to actually re-arrange everyone else’s stuff to get to it and then get it back for landing. It did not bode well for my exiting the aircraft with new friends. It actually set me up for a kill if things weren’t in quite the condition my fellow passengers had first put up their belongings. I would have a panic attack every time I’d see someone put up a tube possibly containing artwork, or at the very least, a prized poster,  in the same bin as my laptop.

So, when I started making these seemingly frequent jaunts cross-country, I finally broke down and bought a Macbook purely for its portability. It has the smallest screen, the smallest memory and it had the smallest price when I purchased it. It weighs, I think, about three pounds.

I am in love.

It never crashes. It never freezes. It never does anything except what I ask it to do and sometimes it seems to even think for itself. Even though there are frequently long gaps between uses it always remembers where I was the last time I did something and it promptly supplies the password. It does absolutely everything, even at the lowest level of purchasing power, except ask me what I want in my coffee. Even Siri doesn’t do that, so I shouldn’t complain.

The problem is I think my PC, Christine, is a little jealous of “Mac” (what else would I name it?). If she sees me packing him up, she audibly groans and begins to hide things in her hard drive like a squirrel prepping for winter. No matter how many times I save a document to the desktop, she stubbornly refuses to place it there when she knows the “little guy” is about to go on the road with me. (They share the same room, unfortunately, so she sees the bag coming out to pack it up.) Then when I’ve about given up, the document miraculously appears…all seven times it was saved, cluttering the desktop.

I need some help here, people! How do I prevent “sibling rivalry” between Christine and Mac? Christine is the first born, so she should be the dominant…but Mac? he steals my heart.



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