Christmas Chaos

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I finally finished decorating my Christmas Tree…and the foyer…and the living room…and the kitchen…and the dining room…and the rear balcony…and the front steps…and the garage…and the…powder room…etc., etc., etc.

That’s my tree  on the top of the blog.

I live alone.

The only grandchildren who are local are 21 and 15 and really don’t care if there are candy canes hanging on the tree for them. They do, however, still raid the Fish Bowl Candy Dish. I was particularly happy when the 15 year old had his braces removed because he once again could have his favorite, “Starburst” or as he used to call it when he was all of about two years old, “Thtarburth”…it’s a favorite story in the family about how he always would go up to his Mom with his big blue eyes, look up at her lovingly and ask “Mommy, can I have a Thtarburth?” She’d nod, he’d turn around, head for the fish, get halfway there and then turn back and hold up his chubby little baby fingers and ask again with the most adorable expression of hope on his face “…can I have TWO Tharburth?” Who could resist someone so adorable?  Besides it was at my house. The grandkids always knew anything goes at my house. He always knew I’d plead on his behalf. God bless my daughter-in-law…she also believed in the grandparents prerogative to spoil the offspring of their own children.

Anyway, my house is beyond festive with every imaginable combination of red and green…except for the dining room and the foyer, which are gold and white, with just a hint of red and green. Those areas are a little more “formal?”

It takes me days to get it all up. This year my pre-lit tree, which is now nearly five years old, decided that the entire middle section would just go on strike. Yes, I checked the plugs. Yes, I checked every tiny bulb to see if there was one missing. Yes, I checked the fuses. That part of the tree was just dead.

I had a remedy for that: just throw an extra strand or two of white lights in there to make up for the lost light.

Have you any idea how many different shades of white mini lights there are?

It took me less time to pick colors for paint in my house.

I am ridiculously fussy about how things must be the same. Symmetrical. Matching. The same shade. Can’t be off by so much as 1/10th of a degree.

Since I am trying to be a little more conservative with my spending, I went through every spare set of lights I had in the garage (I have no idea why I have spare sets, but I do. Many of them.) My best theory is that the garage is such a disaster that I lose them,  go out and buy more, then lose them again. I could probably light the palm trees on the PCH for about a mile with all of the extra lights I have.

But, was even one strand the same shade as those on the pre-lit? NO!

So I went to buy  more lights. Hoping that whatever I found still left on the shelves in mid-December would match up with those still working on the tree.

With a coupon, my courtesy card and some real searching (I probably spent more on gasoline going from store to store to find the best price) I came up with two sets. I asked each of the folks at the counter to plug them in so I could see if they matched what I thought was the same lumens as the now dead branches on the partially pre-lit tree. They thought I was nuts, but since it’s all about customer service this year, they happily obliged.

Well, they obliged…I don’t know how happy they were.

So now it’s done. The little lights are all the same shade. I have the remote control set so I can turn on the lights in all the different areas without climbing under, over and through the various decorations. The front ones are on a timer (although the first two nights I came up at 2 a.m. to make sure they’d turned off.) I am set.

All I need is some folks to come see the great job I did! Anyone interested?

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