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I sometimes jokingly say that a homeless person lives in my purse. That’s because there are any number of things in there that would help someone survive in even the most difficult of circumstances. I have often thought that I really don’t need my earthquake preparedness stuff stowed in the garage…that all I really  need is my pocketbook-du-jour should the “big one” hit.

So, for this week’s blog I decided I’d just go through it and see what actually is in there.

Where do I start?

Of course, there’s my wallet, which is only slightly smaller than a carry-on piece of luggage. I have credit cards in there that don’t even get used, but at least if they are in there I know where they are.

There’s a small hairbrush and if I’m going out somewhere I have touch-up makeup like blush and a lipstick. I was out this week, so it’s still in there. Motrin in case I get a headache. Zantac for heartburn. Allergy medication in case I have a fit of sneezing. Loose change in the bottom because it frequently falls out of the wallet and I never retrieve it. I could probably put a good chunk in the national debt if I just gathered all the coins hiding in all  my bags.

Then I hit the motherload.

My quart baggie filled with every necessity I could possibly need for the few times I might actually need them.  It always stays in the plastic bag because this way I don’t have to bother putting it in it for the TSA at the airport…for the three or four times a year I fly somewhere. The baggie is ready, 24/7.

So, what’s in this?

A toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, Immodium, lenscleaners, quarts of Purell, lip balm, an emery board, flushable wipes, toilet seat covers (yes, I carry those with me) Tic-Tacs, band-aids, Polysporin, antiseptic wipes, small packet with a needle and thread (although the last time I sewed something it was 1983), a comb (in case I lose the brush) and last, but not least, a mini-first aid book. Why I have that in with all these things that can leak, I don’t know, but I guess at least if I need it, I have it is…and yes, you can get all that in a quart size plastic bag.

I’m not finished yet with what’s in my purse. As they say in those Made-for-TV ads but there’s more!!!”

Other miscellaneous items: My eyeglasses. The sunglass clip-on for my eyeglasses. Real sunglasses. A spare set of reading glasses (in case I lose the other glasses.) A bottle of water (small) and a secret cache of Hershey kisses. Except now it’s not a secret anymore.

Continuing on: a small expandable file folder with coupons in it. Now, most of the coupons are long expired, but I rarely have the time to go through it and toss out the old ones. I just keep adding them and then when I get to the check-out at the grocery store I have to look at the teeny-tiny print to see which ones are still good…if any. In with the coupons I found a prayer card for St. Pellegrine. I don’t know why that’s in there and I’m not even sure who she is, but I probably picked it up from the counter with coupons and she wound up in there between the Special K coupon and the one for V-8. Despite the fact that so many of the coupons are unusable, we all know that the Bed, Bath and Beyond ones never expire. I hang onto those like they were Certificates of Deposit. When I  moved to California in 2008, I actually used some that I’d saved from 2005. No questions asked, just 20% off on each of the “high-ticket” items I needed to set up housekeeping here on the left coast.

Not finished!

Back to the realm of the religious corner. There you will find a finger Rosary and a medal of St. Anthony which I keep forgetting to give to grandson Anthony when I see him in NJ.

Business cards, for both the website and the coaching business. Pens and two mini-notebooks. I write down stuff in them and I have two in case I can’t find one and some powerful thought bursts upon me that begs to be recorded immediately.

Two packets of catsup. (I’m very lucky they didn’t explode in there!)

A checkbook. I rarely, rarely write checks but I have it with me…just in case.

Last but not least, in this particular exploration I found a cheese-stick. I don’t know when and where that got put in but I suspect it was when I was in New Jersey visiting a couple of weeks ago and I took it along to snack on while I was driving somewhere…and promptly forgot about it.

So that’s it in the world of Judy’s pocketbook.

What’s the most unusual thing you are carrying?

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