Of Homework and Holes

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I hate school.

Really, I never liked it when I had to go and I like it even less now that I am “slightly” past middle-age (gulp!) and I find it necessary to take some courses to further my career.

I still hate school.

I never studied when I was in school (Sorry, Mom and Dad!) yet I managed to have pretty much a B+ average in high school and somewhere around a B in college. In fact, I was sort of a legend among  my classmates who all knew I didn’t study and the editor of my college yearbook put a full page photo of me with a book in my  hands in it as a dividing page between categories.

If you look at the book I am holding, you will notice it is upside down.

I attribute my ability to score well on tests to the fact that I have (had?) a photographic memory and took the best class notes that any student, anywhere, ever did. I wrote almost every word down that the professor spoke. People offered me money for my notebooks when I finished a course. Really.

But…I still hate school.

I know, that’s repetitive and redundant. Question: can something be both repetitive and redundant? or do you have to choose one or the other? Perhaps if I had studied in school I would know the answer to that!

So, I’m heavily entrenched in this online class that requires me to be at the computer (how odd!) for two hours on Thursday nights and then spend another two or so hours working with two other classmates in various scenarios. On top of that, there is homework and an exam.  In addition, we are expected to write in a “Reflections Blog” every week.

So far I’m behind on everything. I have done the online classes and some of the homework, but somehow life gets in the way of the rest of the stuff…probably because I hate school.

So now I have somehow managed to dig a hole for myself with regard to catching up. In fact, the hole is about the size of one a meteor would leave should it fall from the sky and land in the desert. Although the way my luck usually runs, it would land in my living room.  But now that I think of it, if that’s the reason I don’t get my homework in on time, isn’t that far better than “The dog ate it”…especially since I don’t have a dog?

So, this blog is short this week. It’s because I have to think of other things to do instead of homework.

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