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I was talking to a friend the other day and when I asked how her son was doing she told me he was great, plans for the wedding were coming along well, he’d started a couple of new businesses.

Ever curious about anyone with any kind of entrepreneurial ambition – and also due to the fact that generally I’m just nosy – I asked what he was up to with the new undertakings.

He breeds Chameleons. Exotic ones.

I must say it’s not something I would ever think to do even with all the wild schemes I’ve had for businesses. I hate snakes with a purple passion. To me, Chameleons, or for that matter, any creature in the reptile family, even those with legs, are related to the slithery sneaky snake.

That got me to wondering what other odd occupations people may have.  Since I had no topic for the blog this week, this seemed just perfect. So off I went to research.

Here are my favorite “Top Ten” that I came up with:

1. Odor Tester - This job stinks. Someone has to see if the deodorant works. This would be this guy.

2. Waste Station/Water Treatment Worker - I don’t even have to go there with this. But maybe he could work out a deal with the odor tester.

3. Citrus Fruit Dyer - There is actually a person (or persons) who inject color to  make the oranges more orange-y and the lemons more yellow-y.

4. Crocodile Wrangler - When I read about this one, all I could think to say was “Why?”

5. Fortune Cookie Writer - In my wildest dreams, I never suspected that there was actually a person sitting somewhere, either creating or translating for those little slips of paper that some of us think really foretell our future.

6. Cheese Sprayer - When I first came across this one, I couldn’t imagine what this could be. I immediately thought about deodorizing smelly cheeses. But it’s really for the big, industrial “gift can” size of popcorn that you can send when you can’t think of anything else to send as a gift. (Been there, done that.) Never thought about someone actually spraying flavors on the bzillion little kernels going by on a conveyor belt.

7. IMAX Screen Cleaner - I guess someone has to get the dust and dirt off periodically. They are certainly not removing fingerprints. Unless you were so “pulled in” by the effect you “flew” into the film.

8. Snake Milker - Even if I were reduced to living in a refrigerator box under an overpass and this was the only job in the world, I wouldn’t do this. I run the other way when I even think there might be a snake in the area. No way I would ever “milk” it. The venom is used to create antidotes for those unfortunate folks who cross paths with these horrendous creatures…and yes, I know snakes serve a great purpose ridding the earth of other varmints. Fine. Just not in my backyard.

9. Cow Hoof Trimmer - I am happy to drink milk on occasion. It just never occurred to me that a cow gone lame is not a happy cow and will not produce. All I could think of when I saw this one was how bad the hoof must smell when you go to give old Bessie a pedicure. After all, cows walk around all day in cow manure.

10. Chicken Sexer - Who would’ve thunk that someone has to look at those fluffy little yellow chicks and decide if it’s a boy chick or a girl chick? (If it’s a girl chick, would it then be a “chick chick?”)

Maybe next week I’ll  make up resumes for these ten folks just for fun.  Feel free to share any odd occupations you have come across, or perhaps even had?



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