Oil Changes – When?

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One of the most basic maintenance tasks for any vehicle is regular oil changes. The long life of your engine depends on the proper scheduling of oil changes. You’ve invested a lot in your vehicle, and you want your vehicle to last for many years. With regular oil changes, your engine will run smoothly for years.

Many mechanics suggest oil changes every 3,000 miles or 3 months, but this is really a holdover from older model cars. Most vehicles today can safely go much longer without needing a change. The majority of manufacturers in the US suggest oil changes every 6,000 miles on recently made vehicles, while many European manufacturers say that oil should be changed every 10,000 – 15,000 miles. Supposedly, that difference comes from the amount of influence that oil companies have over the manufacturers. Your best bet is to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion listed in your owner’s manual.

What Kind of Oil Should You Use?

While changing your oil at regular intervals is vital to keeping your engine in good condition, is also extremely important that you use the correct type of oil for your engine. Again, there are many theories and suggestions, but you should follow the manufacturer’s suggestion listed in your owner’s manual.

Different Oil Grades

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) uses a viscosity grade that measures the thickness of the oil. The thinner the oil is, the lower the viscosity number. The viscosity number is shown on the label as a number, and sometimes is followed by a W. The W stands for “winter” use and shows that oil meets the standards for low temperatures.

There are several types of oil grades. Single grade is used in regions where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much. Multi-grade is the type that is good for both very cold and very hot conditions. The lower number or first number shows the cold temperature viscosity, and the second number is viscosity when the engine is at its operating temperature.

Different Oil Blends

Regular or conventional oil is a mineral – it’s the byproduct of the crude oil refining process. It is the most common and least expensive oil to use for your vehicle. Synthetic oil is more expensive to make, so it’s more expensive to buy. Synthetic oil is made up of man-made chemical compounds called polyalphaolefins and is more stable and cleaner. There is also a synthetic blend that is a combination of both types of oils. It gives the benefits of the pure synthetic oil, but keeps the price closer to the conventional oil blend.

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