Safe Driving At Night

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by Levi Quinn

Did you know that a person has less depth perception at night? Peripheral vision is also limited due to less exposure to light affecting the body’s reaction time. And like most other instances, the body tires from a day’s work distracting a person from concentrating on the road. You know those times when you’re really tired and you just stare into space thinking about something else or not thinking at all? These are among the many reasons why night driving can cause accidents. It is important to take into account how to avoid mishaps while on the road at night. Here are a few guidelines to ensuring a safe drive in the evening.

1. First and foremost, if you feel that your body cannot handle driving to your destination, then don’t drive at all. Most car accidents are caused by drivers who have limited sense attributed to alcohol or sickness. Give the key to a trusted companion who knows how to drive or take a cab instead.

2. Make it a habit to lock your car doors. There are different reasons for more trouble at night, and robbers with different MO’s are one of them.

3. Make sure your head and tail lights are functioning properly. When it isn’t, have it repaired by a car mechanic or a car shop you usually bring your car to. Without your lights turned on properly, drivers approaching from behind or in front of you would not be able to see you. This might result in collision.

4. Position your rearview and side mirrors properly so that you would be able to see cars behind you who might be getting too near.

5. Never hesitate to use your horn. When you see a pedestrian crossing irresponsibly or another vehicle closing in hastily, press your horn twice for warning.

6. Avoid attending with other unnecessary things. Distracting yourself with the use of cell phones, gadgets or paraphernalia’s might result in an accident. If in case you need to pick up something that fell on the car floor, make sure you’ve stopped the car to pick it up or if not, pick it up when you are able to make a stop.

7. As mentioned in advice columns a lot of times, drive slowly. You don’t need to rush if there’s no cause for emergency.

8. Most important of all, never drink and drive. Not only does drinking affect the body’s proper function, but it also messes up how rational the mind is. This can get you in trouble with the law and can cause possible accidents involving yourself and others.

Driving at night is a big responsibility that not a lot of people take seriously. It is very important that during these times, when crime rate has almost equaled road accidents, drivers need to take proper action toward the safety of the community and the driver himself. So always take caution and never risk a life with an irresponsible action.

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