Midlife Career Change: Strategies for Success

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by Frank Bonkowski

The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living doing what they most enjoy.” So said Malcolm Forbes, well-known publisher.

It is the worst of times, it is the best of times

It may be of time of harsh economic conditions and high unemployment, but there is no better time than now to reinventing yourself, doing what you most enjoy, and making a midlife career change. Go into business for yourself, just as I did. You owe it to yourself.

Making a midlife career change

Here are six of my favorite strategies for making a midlife career change, turning your life around, and developing your own online business.

Overcome your fears and take measured risks as you transition slowly from your current situation, whether it be a salaried employee or a freelance worker, to building your online business; start slowly and let your business develop organically;

Be assertive and discover a new sense of purpose and direction at this juncture in your life; stop dilly-dallying in doing what others have been telling you what to do; overcome your tendency to take the easy road;

Build on your core passions into your online business as well as your core values and strengths; you are probably better at writing and expressing yourself than you think;

Use your network of friendships built over the years to support your efforts, including former colleagues, friends and even your family;

Use your creativity in implementing an online business model based on sound principles for planning, building, marketing and hosting your site; learn about the best resources that are available for assisting you;

Learn from successful online businesses; find out how others have achieved success using the right approach and tools.

What else you can do

- Partner with the right people, someone who is experienced or an expert in your field.

- Focus on creating passive income through building an online business. Realize that it is possible to make more money that way than dealing with clients one by one.

- Think about writing your own information products, such as e books or audio programs. Instead of following the traditional route of giving 85% of the royalties to a publisher, keep most the profits for yourself.

- Use recognized e-commerce building tools that allow you to build your site organically based on original content and high profitability key words.

By following these strategies with persistence and perseverance, you will fulfill your dream of being a successful entrepreneur doing fascinating work and earning additional income. It will provide you a “bigger game” worth playing – just for the enjoyment and fulfillment of doing it.

Dr. Frank Bonkowski is a writer, educator, and author of bestselling educational textbooks. He writes about midlife career change, goal setting, education, self-discovery, and spirituality at Happiness-After-Midlife. The website specializes in podcasts with experts, dealing with important issues to midlifers and beyond: happiness, learning, work, retirement, leisure, relationships, health and aging, and giving back to the community.Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Frank_BonkowskiDr. Frank Bonkowski firmly believes we all can achieve happiness after midlife with the right mind set and knowledge. He is co-founder, with Dr. Fred Horowitz, of happiness-after-midlife.com, a website for Third Agers devoted to adult transition and reinvention. He believes, as the saying goes, “Age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.”

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