Resume Action Words For Unemployed Baby Boomers

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by Gregg Tenner

Can using Resume Action Words make a difference in getting a job? Are you an unemployed Baby Boomer, in your late Fifties or early Sixties and having a hard time finding a job? Well don’t feel alone. There are an ever increasing number of downsized unemployed Baby Boomers who find themselves not ready or unable to retire. The challenge is, there are many more unemployed, younger candidates out there. So that begs the question; what can you do to differentiate yourself from all the others?

There are 3 areas you should concentrate your time and energy:

1. Networking

• Utilize friends, family and people that you know to help you find jobs and hopefully recommend you for those jobs.
• Join community organizations that have a lot of business owners.
• Contact old college or fraternal organization members and put out the word.
• Join online forums and organizations that deal with networking.

2. Be Hungry for the job

• So many times, mature workers (Baby Boomers) feel they should be judged on their qualifications and years of experience. But there are a lot of people out there with qualifications and many with experience. Setting your self apart is very important.
• Make sure that the prospective employer knows you really want the job.
• As an example, if you are going for a medical sales position, take time to research the market for potential new customers. Give that information to your prospective employer. That lets them know how hungry you are and how hard you are willing to work.

3. Getting your foot in the door with the use of Resume Action Words

• Hiring Companies do much of their recruiting online.
• For most of these, they get thousands of resumes for one job. They must have some way to filter through all of those and pick the best candidates to move forward with.
• They use what are called Key Words or Action Words. Just as Google uses Key Words to filter through all the websites to find you the most relevant ones, employers use certain action words to find candidates they are looking for.
• Using these Key or Action Words in your resume and cover letter, well help you filter to the top.

These are just a few examples on how unemployed Baby Boomers can compete in the tough job market of today. If you remember to focus on Networking, Being Hungry and Resume Key or Action Words, you will increase your chances of success.

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Editor’s Note: Quintessential Careers (  offers a list of action words for resumes here:

Gregg Tenner

Gregg is a 59 year old Baby Boomer. Married for 39 years, with 2 grown sons, he tries to learn something new every day. He believes that GROWING OLDER IS MANDATORY. GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL. The minute you finish growing up, you stop living.


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