Recycle: What Goes and What Doesn’t?

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If you are like us, you are never quite sure what is trash and what can be reused. Here’s a list to keep handy when you have a doubt as to where something should go:


Glass: Food bottles, beverage bottles, liquor bottles, soda bottles, juice bottles, wine bottles, jars

Metal: Empty aerosol cans, aluminum cans, tin cans, food/juice cans,  empty paint cans (Dry paint is okay), aluminum foil

Plastic:  Clothes hangers, drink bottles, plastic toys, detergent containers, water bottles, milk containers, food containers, pails, flower/plant containers, plant holders, yogurt containers, plastic plates, food trays, Tupperware containers, clothes hampers and plastics labeled with the recycling symbol “1″ through “7.”

Textiles:  Clothing, shoes, linens, towels, please place in clear plastic shopping bag and place in the recycling can

Paper:  Cardboard, junk mail, magazines, phone books, cereal/cracker boxes, newspaper, computer paper, any white paper, mixed colored paper

Green Waste

Weeds, garden trimmings, wood scraps/chips, stable bedding, grass clippings, green plants, dry leaves, horse manure

Note: Most trash removal services offer a Christmas tree collection after the holiday. Check with your provider to get the timing for pickup.


Mixed products (i.e., plastic/metal combinations), waxed milk cartons, waxed paper, coated materials, ceramic/pyrex, mirrors, safety glass, plate glass, pet waste, diseased plants, meat/fish/bones, metal coat hangers, dairy products, paper towels, tissue paper, styrofoam, palm fronds/branches

Also check with your provider to find out what their policy is on larger waste containers if you are doing a major clean-up and how to arrange for a bulky item pick-up.

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