Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Fresh New Look

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This may not be the way you’d like your bedroom to look, but this author has some great ideas to make it more you.

by Lee Dobbins

If you want to give your bedroom a fresh look, but don’t have the time or money for a big remake, you might consider these bedroom decorating ideas which can add a little bit of the zip to your room while still leaving you enough time and money to enjoy the weekend.

1. Flowers. Flowers will create any wrong and always had a fresh feeling that pick up your spirits. Try adding a couple of decorative vases filled with colorful fresh flowers to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. You can choose many different color schemes that match your decor. Some people like bouquets that are filled with many colors, but a bouquet that is filled with different flowers of the same color can make a striking statement.

2. Pillows. Try adding some decorative pillows at the head of your bed. Use five or seven pillows and stack them on their signs for a company and inviting look. Get pillows that match with your decor and you can add a designer touch to your bed in no time at all.

3. Bedding. Bedding can make a big difference, but you can buy bedding sets that don’t cost a lot and can give your room or whole different look. This works particularly well if you are redecorating teens bedroom in trying to bring it from a child’s room to a more mature look at her teen would like. Try getting matching curtains to go with your bedding to pull the look together.

4. Area Rugs. You’re probably used to your floor, whether it be wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood so why not try putting down an area rug and see what a huge difference it can make? Choose a rug that goes with your overall color scheme and try to get something that is a solid color or rather plain if you have busy walls and bedding.

5. Accessories. Accessories help decorate the bedroom and you might want to take a good look at the ones you have and, perhaps, switch them out for something different. You can make a new twist on your current decorating theme simply by putting in new knickknacks, lamps, vases and even artwork. Although this bedroom decorating idea might seem like it could be expensive, you can cut your costs by shopping at consignment stores and yard sales. You might find that you get a very unique item for only a few bucks which may be valued much higher.

6. Furniture. Now we’re getting into something that is a little bit more expensive, but you can get great furniture for very little money if you shop at auctions and consignment stores. Lots of times, general household auctions will have fabulous furniture that goes for pennies but you have to wait it out to get exactly what you’re looking for. You may even be able to find inexpensive furniture that tickles your fancy such as an antique brass bed or cottage painted pine furniture in an antique store for less than you would pay for new furniture at a department store.

You don’t have to employ all these budget decorating ideas at once, you can do just one of them or pick a couple. Why not set a goal to do one each weekend and at the end of six weeks you have a brand-new bedroom!

Lee Dobbins writes for Perfect Home Decor where you can get great interior decorating ideas for all areas of the home and more tips on decorating the bedroom.

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