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To some it may look like a “Charlie Brown” tree, but to these grandparents it’s a work of art.

Yesterday, Christopher was able to spend five hours with us, what a blessing. We wanted to take him to  Christmas activities but instead he preferred to stay in, which was fine by me. He wanted to play mom, dad and son with me and Joe. You see Christopher’s mom, my daughter died four years ago.

After awhile, Christopher put up his Christmas tree in his room. He and his mom were able to do that for two years; we saved the ornaments, hoping that someday, Christopher would  have the opportunity to decorate his own tree once again.

He did indeed enjoy putting the ornaments on the tree. He had something to say about each and every ornament. He said, “I can’t believe my mom bought all these for me.” She did.

The tree looks just as beautiful as when he and his mom put it together. The little lights shine as bright as ever; I have decided to leave the lights on. It is both comforting and painful to see the light coming from that room.

For this family it will be a Merry Christmas, but for those who have not been as fortunate to successfully reunite there are other ways to remember a grandchild during the holidays.

Last year we offered to send Christmas cards to all of those grandkids out there who aren’t able to receive gifts from their grandparents and we will continue the tradition this year. There is also such charities as World Vision, where a grandparent can buy a goat or chickens to help feed a family in a third world country, and then the acknowledgement is sent to the grandchild.

Another idea is to simply send a gift for the child’s family to enjoy, such as a food basket or movie tickets and sign it from Santa, that way the grandchild receives a gift and the grandparent gets to give a gift, one way or another.

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