Social Media: Joining Facebook to Keep in Touch

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My 90 year old parents live clear across the country from me. The first thing my Dad does every morning when he wakes up is checks Facebook to see what is going on around the world with me, his ten grandchildren and the oldest set of great-grandchildren, all of whom have “friended him” on Facebook. My sister, mother of the seven of the ten aforementioned grandchildren, has not succumbed to the lure of knowing everything going on with everyone whether she wants to or not, but my Dad and I swear by it.

Personally speaking, I’ve been able to find long-lost high school and college friends, even former neighbors with whom I’ve lost touch. It’s been great fun seeing the kids who played baseball in my backyard and Barbies in my basement now posting pictures of theirchildren doing the same things.

If you’ve been a little leary of doing it and don’t have access to some teen-ager who is profoundly proficient at posting, there’s a link below to get you started. Once you’re part of the Facebook Family, be sure to “like” OC Active Seniors/Golden Opportunity Magazine’s Fan Page! You and your picture will be rotating on our home page!

Get started here:

There are step by step directions. Be sure to write your password down somewhere. I’m always forgetting mine!

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