Sloppy Joe’s – East Coast Style!

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Say “Sloppy Joe” to someone from California and it invokes chopped meat in a barbecue-type sauce served on a hamburger bun.

Say “Sloppy Joe” to someone from the New York or New Jersey area and it’s a whole different “animal.”

Here’s the recipe that will have your friends talking about the difference between east and west!

Depending on how many you want to make, this is what you’ll need:

This will make four hearty sandwiches.

  • A loaf of sliced rye bread (although you can use other sliced bread, rye is most flavorful.) At least twelve slices
  • Cole Slaw
  • Russian Dressing
  • A pound each of two of the following cold cuts: sliced turkey breast, roast beef, corned beef, ham or pastrami
  • 3/4 pound of sliced swiss cheese (or other you may prefer)


  • Lay out four slices of the bread
  • Layer two slices of one or two of your selection of coldcuts on each
  • Spoon a generous helping of cole slaw on top
  • Layer two slices of cheese
  • Lay another slice of bread on top
  • Spread a generous dollop of Russian dressing on top of that slice
  • Layer two more slices of cheeses
  • Layer two more slices of meat
  • Lay a third slice of bread on top.

Pressing down when you do it, cut each sandwich into fours, serve with sliced pickles and lots of napkins because they are named this for a reason! If you mix up the cold cut combos, everyone can have a taste of the variations! You can also trim the crust and cut them into smaller, more bite-size pieces as in the photo and serve as an appetizer.

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