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Did you ever want to “yell-p” about a place you loved…or hated?

Yelp ( for Orange County)

“Yelp” “Real people. Real reviews.®”s – a free internet service that allows you to post your opinions on everything from dining to religious groups. With over 2000 restaurants reviewed, 1400 shopping venues and 900 food emporiums just to name the top categoires, if you want to know the real low-down  go to Yelp! There are even maps and the ability to upload your photos. If you hated that plate of tacos, woe is the chef!
It’s free to join and once you do you may put in your own two cents on your personal picks and pans.

OC Foodies: The Online Community for the Orange County Food Scene

A really fun site with lots of good information for the true “Foodie” … You can even join a group like “Grill Masters,” “Happy Hours,” “Italian,” “OC Dining Deals.”

 This is a new site, launched by some Yahoo veterans. It could almost be described as social networking for foodies, which is a very interesting and innovative twist to the usual run-of-the-mill sites.

From their “About Us”:

 ”Foodily is (ta-da) a food site. More accurately, we are the world’s largest recipe network, bringing together recipes from across the web so you can compare any recipe and find the ones your friends like.”

You can find just about anything recipe here, from the obscure to the obvious. Great fun site, right now it’s in the beta stage but you will enjoy using it!

Taco Tuesday?

Lastly, we found this site via Twitter…it’s the most comprehensive list of Mexican restaurants in Orange County and it’s perfect for Taco Tuesday!

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