Secrets to Dieting During the Holidays

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by John Devon

Do you look forward to holidays as festive occasions when you gather with family or friends to share good times together? Always it seems these occasions are filled with tempting holiday food and drink. Eating together is a way to share family traditions, care about the people you know and love, bond relationships and stimulate good conversation.

Or do you fear that the holidays will be a diet-buster for you? You’ve been there before. During previous holidays the appealing appetizers, tasty turkey dinners with all the trimmings, and the delectable desserts were just too much. It all tasted so good. You didn’t want to disappoint your mom or grandma who kept offering you second or even third helpings of their delicious dishes.

You probably have both feelings as you anticipate the holidays. Here are some dieting secrets to get you through the holidays.

Your holiday dieting mindset

Know that holidays are just around the corner. Holiday come with all kinds of delicious eating opportunities. Cut back a bit on your calorie intake in the days before attending parties, dinners, and food events. Know that you probably will eat more at these events. And that’s o.k., as long as you even out your calorie intake over the holiday period. Develop your holiday dieting mindset.

Holiday receptions and cocktail parties

Don’t arrive hungry. Make sure your meal or snack before the party contains low glycemic foods. You don’t want sugar crashes and hunger pangs to cause over-eating those tempting hors d’oeuvres.

Family dinners

Don’t arrive hungry. Don’t arrive prepared to binge on all that great food. Remember your holiday dieting mindset.

If you serve yourself, take small portions of each dish so you don’t disappoint the cook (who may be your relative). Take only a tad of gravy or other high-fat offerings. Don’t go back for seconds. Respectfully decline invitations for second helpings.

Have a glass of water with your meal. Avoid sweetened tea and sodas.

When you sit down to eat, cut away excess fat from your meat. Eat slowly. Savor your meal. Enjoy the conversation. Savor these moments of friendship that once passed will never return. Don’t feel like you have to eat every last morsel on your plate. Remember that your body is satisfied 15 or 20 minutes before your mind tells you that you feel full.

Be careful with sweets and desserts. Take very small portions.

You should leave the gathering feeling pleasantly satisfied, not stuffed.

Eating at restaurants

Try not to arrive hungry. Look over the menu carefully. Don’t be tempted by delectable-sounding names given to dishes by chefs and marketers. Select carefully. See this as an opportunity to get foods high in nutrients — salads and vegetables. Try a salmon dish with its high omega-3. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate. Ask for a carry-out box and take home a small meal to enjoy later.

Make sure to have a glass of water with your meal.

Holidays should be a time of joy

Don’t obsess about your diet. Just develop a holiday dieting mindset and follow through. And your holidays will not be the diet-busting time you feared.

Happy holidays to everyone!

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