Diet or Dying?

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by Kelly Mac

I’ve always thought that it was amusing that the very word that is related to losing weight begins with the letters “D-I-E.” After all, that is what some people look at the whole process of shedding some extra pounds as being: “Dying.”

It doesn’t have to be that and it actually shouldn’t be that.

Basic fact of any weight loss program comes down to six simple words: “Less calories in, more calories out.”

You can’t eat a Grand Slam at a local breakfast place, go for a brief, dawdling stroll along the beach, sit and watch television for a half hour and think that you’ve burned off that gargantuan meal. Yes, it’s good you are moving, but it’s how you are moving and what parts of your body you are using that makes the difference. There are even things you can do while you are watching TV that can burn calories!

Here are a few ideas:

- Resistance bands! There are many different ones on the market, they are easy to store and easy to use, even while you are just watching TV. You can work different muscle groups by assuming different poses. They are inexpensive and can be found in every sporting goods store as well as many of the “big box” stores.

- Free weights! Just think how many bicep curls and tricep kickbacks you can do just during the evening news? again, easy to store, inexpensive to buy.

- Stationary bikes! If your exercise budget allows you a little more flexibility, there are countless exercise bikes on the market in varying price points. If your living space is small, there are even some that can be folded and stored.

- Take a yoga class! There are many that are just for beginners, they are not usually expensive and most studios offer a substantial discount for purchasing several classes in advance. It’s working at your own pace and you’ll be amazed at how much strength and flexibility you will achieve in just a few short weeks. Not to mention getting rid of some of that stress and anxiety we all have in our everyday lives!

- Take a hike! It’s a great way to burn calories and we are blessed to live in an area with a huge number of trails, for a variety of experience. Check out  You can find trails all over Southern California suitable for any level.

- Find an exercise group! Just by taking a walk at the public park or at the beach you will find groups of people either walking together or working out together. Don’t be shy! Go up and ask them who they are and how you can get involved. You can also google and find any number of local programs. Just remember that you don’t have to keep up with everyone…work at your own pace and your own comfort level, especially if you are just starting out. Everyone’s been there and you can’t expect to be able to do what a 40 something can when you are 60 something yourself…but that’s not to say, with consistency (the key to any kind of weight loss and fitness program!) who’s to say you won’t after a few weeks?

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Kelly Mac has successfully reduced her weight by 65 lbs. and has kept if off for 25 years and she has been involved with fitness for over 15 years. During this time, she has competed in and coached roller hockey as well as being very involved in cycling. Kelly is a National Exercise and Sports Training Association (NESTA) certified personal trainer and is a certified fitness nutrition coach. She also holds a certificate in first aid and CPR. Kelly has been involved with Boot Camps since 2003 and successfully started her own Boot Camp in Corona in 2006. After many requests, Kelly expanded her programs into Rancho Santa Margarita, Dana Point, Mission Viejo and Riverside areas. Kelly’s formal education includes an AA in Criminal Justice and AA in Business Administration and her fitness experience includes running, cycling and strength training.  Visit Kelly’s website or call 949.246.2221 for more information about her programs.



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