Twelve Good Reasons Why Adults Should Lift Weights

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by Francesca Fisher, SSTS

If you are thinking about starting a new fitness program, consider strength training. Besides looking better and feeling better, your body will also function better. Here are 12 reasons why every adult should consider lifting weights.


1. Avoid muscle loss. Adults who do not lift weights can expect to lose between five and seven pounds of muscle every 10 years.  Those precious muscles are what keeps our bodies healthy.

2. Avoid a reduction in your metabolic rate. The average adult experiences a two to five percent reduction in his / her metabolic rate every decade.

3. Increase your muscle mass. The more muscle you have on your body will help decrease your chance of developing osteoporosis.  As we age, our buttocks lose their shape and size.  Avoid that “back with a crack” look by incorporating lunges and squats on a twice-weekly basis. Before long, your shape will improve and you’ll also look better in your clothes.

4. Increase your metabolic rate. Adding just three pounds of muscle will help increase your resting metabolic rate. That means you can burn calories even when you are not exercising.

5. Reduce your body fat. Increasing your metabolism will help you increase your fat loss… it’s that simple.

6. Increase your bone mineral density. Besides increasing your muscle mass, you will also be increasing your bone mass.

7. Improve your glucose metabolism. After just four months of adding strength training to your fitness routine, your glucose metabolism may increase up to 23 percent, cutting your risk for Type II diabetes.

8. Decrease your risk of colon cancer. Strength training helps everything function more efficiently, even increasing your gastrointestinal transit time.

9. Reduce your resting blood pressure. By combining aerobic activity and strength training, you can more effectively improve your blood pressure.

10. Improve your blood lipid levels. After just a few weeks of strength training, you should see an improvement in blood lipid levels.  Coupled with a low fat diet, cholesterol levels will lower themselves naturally.

11. Prevent lower back pain. Strengthening the muscles of the lower back can prevent or at least reduce most back pain, an ailment that affects 80% of Americans.

12. Reduce or prevent arthritic pain. Strength training, done properly, can ease the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps build stronger muscles, bones, and connective tissues.


Francesca Fisher is a Certified Senior Strength Training Specialist and the owner of Geri-Fit Company LLC, a strength training fitness company based in Temecula, CA.  She is a published author and has produced 13 exercise dvd’s which are sold worldwide. For more info, visit


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