Can Hearing Aids Increase Your Quality of Life?

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The short answer is a sweet Yes!

Most hearing aid users will tell you that their hearing aids improve their ability to communicate. Improved communication equals freedom.

Better hearing allows you to hear the dialogue better at movies, understand the conversation at your table in a crowded restaurant and maybe even comprehend what your grandchildren are saying over the telephone.

Most hearing aid wearers will tell you that you don’t need a large scale study to determine if hearing aids help, but the NCOA (National Council on Aging) did one anyway.

In 1999 this group participated in a study in which 4,000 individuals took in-depth surveys which looked at 16 life factors. Some of these included:  Interpersonal Relationships, Social Life, Dependence on Others and Life Overall. In each and every category, individuals who used hearing aids scored significantly higher than those who needed hearing aids but did not wear them. 

Another study by C Mulrow in 1990, found that an increase in overall life satisfaction occurred within the first few weeks after patients were fit with hearing aids. These feelings of increased life satisfaction were sustained for years.

It has also been found that hearing impaired individuals, even with a mild hearing impairment and who do not pursue treatment, suffer many negative side effects. Some of these include:

  • Depression
  • Less Social Activity
  • Emotional Turmoil and Insecurity

You certainly don’t need any of that in your life.

Hearing aids have moved at light speed into very technically advance pieces of equipment. They are smaller, they are stronger and they simply work better. Some even have optional accessories to help you hear better on the telephone or to help you hear the TV, without having to turn it all the way up! Hearing aids are now even capable of being paired to your Bluetooth devices.

Having your hearing checked annually is a healthy habit. It is particularly important to know if your hearing is changing over time and to obtain a baseline of hearing now.  Below is a “Hearing Screening Checklist”. Take a moment to fill it out. It may help you determine if having your hearing checked soon is important for you.

Our office is dedicated to helping our young, local seniors stay active in their communities and in their families. We are passionate about helping adults with hearing difficulty find devices that will enable them to stop working so hard at hearing. If after a comprehensive hearing test, it is determined that you have a hearing loss, we will discuss the options that you have.

Mention that you are an “Active Senior” and we will be most happy to offer you $100 off each hearing aid in addition to a one month trial run of your hearing aids. We are thrilled to be part of the OC Senior Community.

You can visit our website at or our facebook page at

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