Osteoporosis…and the men who have it!

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Osteoporosis and the men who have it!

Can you Believe It?

By: Dr. Chris Hawn – Life Point Chiropractic Sport & Massage

Bone loss affects all humans and that means men, too.

When someone discusses osteoporosis, most people think of the little old lady hunched over walking down the street. Then they would be surprised to learn that nearly one-fifth of all people receiving this diagnosis are men.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones lose their calcium content and become brittle and therefore less able to absorb physical stress. This process is called demineralization and it brings with it an increased risk of bone fractures, especially in the hips.

It has traditionally been regarded as a women’s disease, resulting from a decrease in estrogen in the post-menopause years but that is only one angle.

A recent Australian study reported that one in three males, over the age of 60, will experience a fracture attributable to osteoporosis. A much higher percentage of men over women who suffer from a hip fracture require the assistance of a nursing home. And of the men who suffer a hip fracture, 20 percent die, usually within six months.

Alarming statistics? I’d say so.

The media over the years has led us all to believe that milk is the answer to building strong bones when in fact that is not true at all. It is quite the opposite. Look at the food pyramid that we all studied and thought was the standard of healthy eating.  Milk, meat, oils, grain etc.  Convincing the general population was a big collaboration between the food and dairy council and meat industry to indoctrinate us at a young age that this was all healthy for us when in fact it has been well known that it is not.

Here are some of the risk factors for osteoporosis in men?

  •  Poor nutrition – not enough calcium or Vitamin D in the diet
  •  Low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone
  •  Heredity – if a man’s father has a low bone mineral density, he may too
  •  Unhealthy habits – smoking, alcohol, caffeine consumption
  •  Insufficient exercise – appropriate resistance stress strengthens bones
  •  Age – the older a man is, the more likely there will be more bone loss
  •  Medical conditions, particularly those related to the thyroid gland
  •  Ethnicity – Caucasian and Asian men are more vulnerable
  •  Small stature – Men who are thinner tend to be more at risk

Some of these risk factors are controllable; others are not. For example; you have some control over your diet and harmful habits but there isn’t much you can do about your gene pool. But let’s not limit this article to men. Let’s talk about osteoporosis in general.

With over 30 years of practice I can tell you that when I have taken x-rays of a patient and I point out the fact that they have a varied degree of osteoporosis, it is very common to have them say “I don’t know why doc, I have been drinking milk my entire life.” I tell them that in all likelihood, that has been a contributing factor to their condition.

There is well documented research (the China Study) outlying and proving that the milk protein “Casein” is not digestible by the human body. Have you ever heard of the phrase “lactose intolerant”? Our bodies do not handle dairy products very well and especially the older we get. Calcium is actually being depleted from our bodies while breaking down the cow protein. Yes, milk has protein and calcium in it. But it does not have all the calcium needed in the right ratios to break down the cow protein and therefore the body recognizes that it has to get it somewhere.

Where do you think it is most abundant? The bones!  The body spends years leaching out our own calcium to be able to break down a lifetime of drinking that beverage they all want us to believe is good for us.

Calcium is vital for life function as it has three main functions. It allows the blood to bond with oxygen. It aids in intestinal absorption and lastly and probably most important, it helps facilitate nerve function. The human body cannot do without all three of these functions.

So the bottom line according to  Dr. Chris Hawn of Life Point Chiropractic is that MILK DOES NOT DO A BODY GOOD!” We discourage our patients from drinking milk.


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