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Here are links to Cycling Clubs as well as some other sites that may be of interest to the bicycle enthusiast!

Orange County Wheelmen:

“OCW” tells us:

“The Orange County Wheelmen (OCW) is the most diverse and oldest bicycle club in Orange County with over 400 members.  Cycling subgroups within OCW include Paramount Racing, Goat Hill (off-road cycling), and Tandem Time.  The club hosts several annual events, many special activities, and numerous weekly rides.

OCW was founded in 1970.  Beginning as a recreational cycling club, its focus has expanded to staging cycling events that attract hundreds of riders, to maintaining an active presence in the community through charitable donations, and to promoting safety and political advocacy through the club’s training rides and support of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition (OCBC) and the California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO).”

The site also provides comprehensive lists of cycling clubs not only in OC, but throughout the country as well as a detailed list of cycling events and competitions.

Bicycle Trails in Orange County:

This list is found on the site ( which also has a wealth of other information for cycling enthusiasts, principally mountain bikers.,socal,n,n

A group of cyclists get together and go out every week on Saturdays at 7 a.m. from Bike Religion in Newport Beach …Pace is easy/medium and it’s free. They do anywhere from 40 to 100 miles and anyone can come. Bike Religion is located at 149 Riverside Avenue in Newport Beach. For more information, visit the site: or call 949.287.7299.

3 Responses to Orange County Cycling

  1. Sandra Eldridge says:

    Hi, I am looking for a senior biking group to go riding with. I live in Orange County, (Mission Viejo, CA) It would be nice to find one close to were I live.
    Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandy

    • Tom says:

      I am an avid rider and would enjoy riding with someone on days i would rather not ride by myself…been riding for more than 4 years now and average about50-90 miles a week……
      Let me know if this interests you

  2. Lindy Laurin says:


    My mom is looking for a group to ride with. She lives in Mission Viejo and wants to find a group of women that love to ride however not 2o miles per week. have you found a group yet.

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