The Best Saltwater Fishing in the US – 5 Places You Must Try

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by Caterina Christakos

In the U.S., we’re lucky to live in one of the largest and most geographically varied countries in the world. Taken as a whole, it’s a fisher’s paradise. We have huge rivers, mountain streams, huge lakes, small lakes, saltwater lakes, and, of course, thousands of miles of diverse coastline. Practically every coastal region in the country has its own unique fishing opportunities, but there are some that really stand out. Here are just a few examples.

The Florida Keys: The great thing about these islands off the southern coast of Florida is that they allow travelers to leap at intervals into the Gulf of Mexico, getting gradually further and further from the mainland. Essentially, what this does is take you through several different Gulf ecosystems, all great for saltwater fishing. By the time you get out to Key West, you’re surrounded by hundreds of miles of untrammeled open waters.

Sure, there are shallows around the islands, but if you take a boat out a couple dozen miles, you get into real deep territory. Here, you can catch everything from Tuna, to Snappers, to Mackerels to Marlins-so bring your sturdiest fishing equipment.

Washington state: Washington state is full of freshwater lakes and rivers that offer plenty of great fishing. But if you’re into saltwater fishing, the western part of the state is as good as it gets. In the gorgeous Puget Sound, you can catch halibut, cod, salmon, and flounder, all within a day’s trip from Seattle.

Louisiana: The coastal area around where the mighty Mississippi River drains into the Gulf of Mexico is one of the top fishing regions in the world. Trawl the shallow bays and the Breton Sound for hearty fish like speckled trout, sheepshead, black drums, and huge bull redfish. And don’t forget Lank Pontchartrain, just north of New Orleans. This saltwater lake is connected to the Gulf by an 8-mile-long strip of water called the Rigolets, allowing all types of saltwater creatures to make their way in. You never know what’ll catch there.

North Carolina: The Outer Banks of North Carolina are a long strip of narrow islands that run down the coast, up to a 100 miles off shore in some places. The fishing on the ocean side of the islands is phenomenal, but it still doesn’t come close to the Pamlico Sound on the other side.

The Pamlico’s calm, warm waters make it a perfect breeding ground for all different types of fish. Sail a few miles out, and you’ll have seemingly unlimited access to red and black drums, trout, flounder, kingfish, mackerel, sea bass, cobia, and lots of others. And when you’re done, head over to the eastern side of the Outer Banks for a whole different experience.

Southern California: The entire California coast is fertile ground for fishing, but the area around San Diego is particularly fishing-friendly, with albacore, white sea bass, marlins, and some of the biggest bass you’ve ever seen. The fishing scene in the San Diego area thrives year round, with countless contractors ready and willing to take you out for fishing adventures in the bright Pacific sun.

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