Hiking is Great For Health and Pleasure at Any Age

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By Edie George

Hiking is a wonderful way to get exercise, whether you go alone or with a friend or two. Being outdoors in the sunshine will not only improve your spirits but you will be absorbing vitamin D without taking a pill. Depending on the terrain, your legs will get a great workout and become stronger adding to your ability to keep your balance on a daily basis which is important at any age. As you hike along, the cares of the world seem to move away and only the moment is important. Your mind will open and a clarity of thought will occur and give you new insights into each new idea that pops up.

Small groups of people who meet on a regular basis can add a hike to their regular activities. Once a month, choose a different area close to your city and meet for a hike, then have a picnic and discuss the animals and plants each has seen or have a few quiet moments for meditation and contemplation. Hiking is, also, a great time for a photo shoot, watch for those interesting plants, birds, root formations, anything that you can add to your picture collections. You will see everything around you in a new light.

Hiking is a great way for senior citizens to maintain their agility. It seems, sometimes, that they feel unable to hike; maybe feel that they are too old, but with a good pair of hiking shoes it’s one of the healthiest things they can do for themselves. Starting with a hike through the park on even terrain, they can progress to a more elevated trail. So many seniors appear to be wary of exercise; afraid of falling, but hiking is a great way to increase agility as the leg muscles strengthen. Walking sticks can be used for more stability. The activity also increases blood flow to the heart and even lowers blood pressure. A little talk with your doctor before starting will be a wise move and he will probably tell you to ‘Go for it’.

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