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California Outlet Malls

Here’s a list of the best Southern, Central and Northern California factory outlet centers!

In the slide show above, you’re viewing pictures of Southern California’s outlet malls!

 Passing by you are pictures of all the SoCal outlet malls listed on this page; can you guess which photos belong to which outlet centers? On this page, you’ll discover a list of Northern, Central and Southern California’s best outlet malls, and find the info you need to plan your visit! (Are you looking for outlet malls in other states? You’ll find that list on the Best USA Outlet Malls page of our sister-site, Have-Fun-in-the-USA.com!)

Directory of Best California Outlet Malls

No matter where you’re visiting in California, you’ll find an outlet mall within a reasonable driving distance. (This isn’t true of all states in the USA; California has an unusually large number of very good outlet malls!) California outlet malls are some of the very biggest—and most attractive—factory outlets in the entire USA.

On this page, you’ll see a list of the biggest and best outlet malls in Northern, Central and Southern California. (There are other, smaller factory outlets in California…but we will only be mentioning the best and largest; in other words, the outlet malls which are worth your time if you have to drive 25+ miles to reach them.) Hopefully, one of the large and bargain-filled outlet malls in this directory will be convenient for you to visit.

Every top California outlet mall shares several features in common with all the others on this list. For one thing, you’ll find free parking at every one of these factory outlets. You’ll find outlets for all members of the family (from babies to teens to adults) at these large outlet malls. In addition, you’ll find that all of these outlet malls have holiday and “end of season” sales, just like the regular retail malls do—which means you can delight in finding extra-EXTRA bargain prices, at times!

First, here’s the list of Southern California outlet malls. This is followed by the list of best Central and Northen California outlet malls. Finally, other factory outlet malls in nearby are also mentioned—so that you can discover the outlet malls in other nearby Southwestern states, including Arizona and Nevada.

List of Southern California Outlet Malls

  • Alpine, San Diego County: The Viejas Outlet Center, tucked away in the mountains east of San Diego, offers you a beautiful, park-like setting for your shopping. It’s also conveniently located for travelers heading in and out of San Diego on Interstate 8. 
  • Barstow/San Bernardino County: You’ll discover 2 adjacent outlet centers on the Barstow Factory Outlets page of this website: the bustling Tanger Outlets of Barstow, and the struggling Barstow Outlet Center. Though located in San Bernardino County, the Barstow outlets aren’t actually conveniently located to the other cities of Southern California. However, if you’re heading along Interstate 15 to or from Las Vegas, Nevada, you’ll find that the Barstow Outlet Malls make a great rest break and chance for some bargain-hunting fun! 
  • Cabazon/greater Palm Springs: The Cabazon Outlets are the smaller of 2 side-by-side outlet malls which together form a shopping hot spot in Southern California’s desert cities. 
  • Cabazon/greater Palm Springs: The Desert Hills Premium Outlets, the much-larger of 2 outlet malls easily visible from the Interstate 10 freeway as travelers enter the greater Los Angeles area of So Calif. 
  • Camarillo/Ventura County: The Camarillo Premium Outlets are a hugely popular Ventura County shopping destination. They’re also very easy for visiting bargain-hunters to find, because they lie directly to the side of the US 101 Freeway in plain view from the lanes of traffic. Recently expanded, the Camarillo Premium Outlets provide an expansive selection of favorite name brand shops. 
  • Carlsbad, San Diego County: Shoppers will love the comprehensive selection of outlet stores at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets. Tourists will appreciate the center’s fabulous location, close to Pacific Ocean beaches and the Legoland theme park. 
  • Lake Elsinore/Riverside County: The Lake Elsinore Outlets provide a fun diversion for travelers along Interstate 15 south of Riverside and Corona, California. 
  • Los Angeles: The Citadel Outlets are the closest outlet mall for many residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties. Since the latest mall expansion, The Citadel factory outlets have provided a much bigger & classier-looking selection of outlet stores. If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited The Citadel mall, now’s the time to check out their new additions. 
  • Ontario, San Bernardino County: The Ontario Mills Mall, ultra-conveniently located for both locals and travelers at the junction of Interstate 10 and Interstate 15. The Ontario Mills Mall and the surrounding cluster of shopping centers offer scads of shopping, a large choice of restaurants, two large movie theaters, and other entertainment choices, as well. 
  • San Diego/San Ysidro: The former “Shops at Las Americas” have a new name…AND a new owner! This delightful outlet center is now a member of the terrific Chelsea Premium Outlets…which, as you already know, is a top-notch chain of outlet malls across the USA (and they even have some international locations, as well.) The new name of this factory outlet mall is the Las Americas Premium Outlets. As always, this location offers you a fantastic selection of factory outlet stores in a classy setting, all steps away from the USA border with Tijuana, Mexico.
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