Seniors Craving For the Four-Letter Experience on Valentine’s Day!

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by Steve Andersen

So, the big day is just about to arrive in a week’s time and people are already going gaga over the four letter word that promises heavenly bliss. Love, they call it and even die for it. Love-germs find their way from the bottom of people’s hearts, right through glossy, super cute gifts, through ecards and over-priced hangouts.

It’s not only the fools who rush in, but older folks, supposedly wiser with age, that also commit this wonderful folly. Seniors are equally excited when it comes to online dating and finding a virtual partner. With the Internet becoming a major area of concentration, singles over 50 are hooked to the Net hunting for ‘friends’ lasting a lifetime. Social networking sites are no longer the hunting grounds for restless youth. A quick look through Facebook’s numerous dating applications reveals a great many wrinkled or Botox-treated faces showing up in the 50+ searches. What’s more, most of them are actually ‘looking for’ dating and relationships! They are the ones who compete with their younger counterparts and sometimes outrun them too, in terms of soppy wall messages, ecards, sexy gifts, or even super-superstitious virals which can make you lose your ‘beloved’ if you don’t forward it to 20 other people!

Sociologists are quick to explain trends in human behavior. The explanations they offer are quite plausible. The baby boomers of the United States are the most privileged generation today. They have labored their way to success and are all set to gorge on its fruits. Being a well-off generation, most of them possess a Mac or a laptop which connects them to other consenting adults. Besides, they are experienced in the game and Valentine’s Day brings back their own sweet memories of love, togetherness… and that kind of stuff.

Gift companies, resorts and other commercial ventures are all set to cash in on this growing phenomenon. A lot of tours and daytime trips are offered for senior couples. Besides, there are many options for frugal fun which include going for a quiet romantic picnic, a visit to an art gallery or a museum, amusement parks, fairs or even a bookstore.

Lastly, it’s never too late to fall in love! As Jeff Bridges, the boring Mathematics professor in ‘The Mirror Has Two Faces’ tells Barbara, “I don’t care if you’re pretty, I love you anyway!”… he says a lot more than he means. It’s all about a companionship that leaves us happy at the end of the day, and the seniors are realizing this like never before.

Steve Andersen is a writer with a cynical and sarcastic take on modern day relationships. He has a special interest in the ecards industry and follows up on any new development that takes place. At the moment, his cynical eye is hovering over the ecards of, the largest free ecard site on the planet.Article Source:

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