“Quo Vadis”, Coffee and First Dates

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Maria Grazia Swan's take on first dates.

Are single men over 50 open to a long term relationship if…

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Author Maria Grazia Swan wants to know what you think.

Deception and Perception

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Our favorite Senior Singles blogger, author Maria Grazia Swan, shares a man's perception on why sometimes there is no second date.

Internet Dating and Me

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It is NOT a “match made in heaven”…not by any way, shape or form.

Italian Men

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Everyone's favorite Italian author's latest blog on being single...or maybe not?

My Idea of a Perfect Date

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Movies? Coffee? How about something different!

Relationships: Listening is Good But Understanding is Better

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Multitasking can be deadly in many ways.

Tips For an “Eggs-iting” First Date

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Eggs and dates have something in common.

Will work for—-a date?

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Maria Grazia Swan says to forget about sitting on a bar stool and pick up a hammer if you want to meet people.