Italian Men

No Responses

by Maria Grazia Swan

During the past year,  more and more of my old Italian friends have been popping up on Facebook. It was nice to reconnect. The odd thing is, none of my old Italian girlfriends are on Facebook. Only men. I got used to that since none of my sisters, who still live in Italy, use the internet either.

Yep, no Facebook, no e-mail.

They think I’m the odd one, of course. As I traded virtual greetings and jokes with the men of my youth, other oddities became apparent. All these men seem to be single. How is that possible? I know a few of the wives and even though we haven’t spoken in years, I come from a small town, I would know if there was a death or a divorce.


I’m old fashioned in a way and didn’t feel it was my place to ask. At some point one of my old Italian friends posted that he was “in a relationship” and that was written in English, I wasn’t imagining things. He also had a note, “looking for women” also in English.

My friend doesn’t speak English.

During one of my regular chats with sisters and girlfriends from home I asked if indeed those men were all singles and I was told, “No, they are all still happily married.”

You don’t say?

When I announced I was going to be visiting my family in Italy, I was sent cell numbers and requests to call. Okay, I got sidetracked and forgot where I wrote the phone numbers, but the last week in Italy, after a blissful ten days of no phone, no computer, I felt a little guilty.

What to do?

Simple, I found the numbers of the house phone in the local directory, called the houses and mostly said hello to the spouses. I did end up having drinks with the men also, but in the most open and innocent way possible. As a matter of fact, I have a standing dinner invitation from the wives.

The moral of the story?

Most things change and most Italian men remain the same.

Please, notice, I said ‘most’.

Maria Grazia Swan is an author and motivational speaker who shares relationship advice and guidance for mature women re-entering the dating scene. Maria empowers and encourages single women to be bold, fearless, and sexy in their pursuit of life and love after age 45.

An award recipient from the Women’s National Book Association, Maria Grazia Swan is the author of Boomer Babes: True Tales of Love and Lust in the Later Years (Leisure Books) and Love Thy Sister (Zander Books). Her short story, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is included the anthology, Medley of Murder (Red Coyote Press). She just published the sequel to Love Thy Sister, Bosom Bodies (Mina’s Adventures) which is available at

Maria is working on her new book, Old Flames Burn Hottest. If you have a story to share, she wants to connect with you! Join her Facebook page and learn more.


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