Seven Essential Travel Packing Tips

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7 Essential Travel Packing Tips

By David John Martin

In these days of reduced baggage allowances and hefty excesses for anything over the prescribed weight, it’s wise to think carefully before you pack. Whilst there are a few people out there who consider layering the solution to maximising on their holiday wardrobe, wearing multiples tops and two pairs of trousers on the plane is never a good look – here’s our guide to getting the best results out of a small suitcase.

Only take what you need
This sounds obvious, but unnecessary or inappropriate items are often the cause of the over-packing problem. Think logically about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing – check the weather forecast as close to your departure date as possible and remember, taking clothes that easily wash and dry means packing less.

Essentials first
Before deciding on which evening heels to choose for a night on the tiles – make sure you’ve got the real essentials sorted, I like to think of these as the three P’s: pants, passport, purse.

Select, then pack
Rather than just throwing stuff into a case, the best approach to frugal packing is to first select your items, put them to one side, go away and have a cup of tea, then come back to the pile and edit before submitting.

Don’t double up
If you’re travelling with a partner or friend check and see what they are packing – there’s no need for you both to pack all your own toiletries. Tally up a complete list and divide it between two cases.

Roll rather than fold
Despite a lack of solid scientific research to explain the reason why, it always seems that suitcases will take more clothing if the items are rolled rather than folded – plus if you roll using a layer of tissue paper you minimize on creasing.

Intelligent hand luggage
It’s wise to ensure that your hand baggage doubles up as an over night bag, so if your main holdall goes walkabout you’re not stuck on holiday with a just a trashy airport novel and litre of duty-free gin to your name.

Travel Insurance
Once you’ve taken the trouble of refining your packing procedure don’t go and risk it all, make sure you’ve got some travel insurance, this will ensure that if you do loose your case or the flight gets canceled, you’ve got a back-up plan.

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